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What's in a Name? The Story behind Avocado Baby

Posted by Stacy on February 8, 2011 at 2:05 PM

I been away awhile musing in my head what to write lately.  I have a ton of topics coming this month and cannot wait to share them all with you!  

First, while I know this is Book Talk Tuesday, but I have a changed for today.  I want to tell you where Avocado Baby came from because so many people have been asking me were did you get that name?  So here it goes...don't laugh :)

Long ago, in a land called Illinois, a girl of superior beauty was born.  She had a mother and father who loved her so much and dooted on her daily.  Her mother, Stacy, was patient and kind. Her father, Craig, was gentle, loving, and immensly attached to both her and her mother.  This little angel's name was Grace.  

She had hair pure and white and gleamed like fresh snow.  She smiled and drooled and loved avocados.  She loved the feel of the sweet, buttery flesh smooshing through her fingers.  She would giggle as she sucked the green fruit from her fingers.

One day, her mother visited the medicine man.  Grace had to visit him to see how she was growing.  The medicine man walked in the room, and Grace smiled and cooed.  He smiled back but told her momma Grace was too old now to be so close to her.  "Momma, you must walk away at her cry.  If you keep coming back to her, she surely will never grow up to be herself."  

Well, Grace had a smart momma and a smart dadda.  They thought that was ridiculous and thought the medicine man must be wrong.  They looked at their sweet girl, her soft velvet baby skin, and knew keeping her close was the best choice.

The next day, they visited a new medicine man in hopes that he would help them.  This medicine man seemed a good choice.  He spoke with a gentle voice and smiled and cooed back to sweet Grace.  Then he asked about books they read to learn more about caring for their little angel.  

To that they replied, "Well, the great medicine man Sears is our favorite."

The new medicine man squished up his nose, gave them a look of disgust, and rolled his eyes replying, "Well, that's a bit avocado, west coast for me, but if it works for you...." and slunked away feeling defeated that they would leave to see the great Sears.

Some time later, her parents had a dream to build a place where children and parents could eat healthy organic foods and play.  They looked at their Grace whose hair was now golden and curls and recalled her days loving avocados and the medicine man who called the great Sears avocado and west coast. A name emerged....Avocado Baby .   

To this day the dream still lives on that Avocado Baby will some day form, but for this time perhaps this blog could serve a little purpose to help mothers, fathers, and babies feel safe, learn, and laugh.

Blessings to you all,

Stacy Lewis, B.A. Ed., AAHCC, LE

childbirth educator and lactation educator

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