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Quotes When people would ask if I was nervous about giving birth, I enthusiastically replied 'No!' Stacy had well prepared us for what to expect when giving birth, how to relax through the various stages and taught my husband how to be a wonderful coach. Stacy was very knowledgeable, provided current research on various childbirth issues, taught us numerous relaxation techniques and birthing positions, as well as provided us with the reassurance to make well-informed decisions to have a healthy baby without all the medical interventions in a hospital setting. My husband loves to share with others how we brought our baby into the world all-natural, even without an IV. It would not have been possible without the knowledge from Stacy's childbirth classes and doula services! Quotes
Danelle and Jeremie
Stacy's childbirth classes

Quotes My husband and I attended Stacy's Natural Childbirth Classes for the birth of my third child. With Stacy's help, we were successful in achieving our goal of an all-natural birth experience. I can truly say I enjoyed all stages of my labor! Stacey's teaching methods are informative, empowering and will teach you and your husband to work together to bring your child into the world, drug free. Stacy is such a great person and mother, her enthusiasm for natural childbirth will help you realize your own potential to make a drug free labor and delivery possible. Sincerely, Heather and Tony Reitz Quotes
Heather & Tony Reitz

Quotes Stacy's natural childbirth classes were great. I am so glad my wife and I enrolled. It was well worth the time and money. We both new close to nothing before the classes. Her classes helped us to make the birth of our first child so memorable and precious. Although we were both rookies, we gained confidence from what we learned which helped us to focus on our new baby and less on the other things/obstacles that can come up during labor. We highly recommend her. She is a wonderful teacher. ~Tony & Jasmin Quotes
Satisfied dad

Quotes My husband and I don?t know what we would have done without Stacy's doula services for the birth of our first child. Stacy was always quick to respond to phone calls with an assortment of questions about my labor and supportive through post delivery. Stacy showed up at our house to help us labor as long as possible before heading to the hospital; providing both of us with support and various items to help me relax through my labor. At the hospital her calming nature kept my husband focused and provided me with the reassurance of her knowledge to help me get through the labor and birth all-natural. She stepped in to provide support my husband and kept our family informed. We couldn?t have done it without Stacy?s services to help us experience one of the best moments in our lives! Quotes
Danelle and Jeremie
Stacy's doula services

Quotes My husband and I took a childbirth class from Stacy four years ago to prepare for the birth of our firstborn child. She was wonderful and we learned so much from the class. We looked forward to our time with Stacy each week, in which we learned helpful things about relaxation, pain management, and making our birth how we wanted it to be, as well as breastfeeding and tips for caring for a newborn. When it came time for me to labor our baby into the world we reached a point in which we wondered if I was making appropriate progress. Stacy was the first person we thought of to call and she listened to our concerns and helped us through them. We hung up the phone with such peace of mind. Stacy was a joy to work with from beginning to end and I'm so glad we found her! Quotes
Natural Mama

Quotes My husband and I attended Stacy's birth classes and we learned so much! She is very down to earth, knowledgeable and passionate. Her classes are informative and so interesting. She prepared us for all aspects of birth and we felt informed and confident as we headed into the delivery room. She is an amazing teacher! I highly recommend every parent-to-be to take Stacy's class...you won't regret it! One of our best investments! Quotes
Best investment !

Quotes We were in Stacy's very first class to be certified under the "other" system 5 years ago. She was fantastic and very calming, comforting, and down to earth. We had a peaceful, safe, & joyful homebirth. I can only imagine how much she has developed her methods since then. Quotes
old timer